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Apr 25 . 4 min

The Benefits of Electric Scooters: Eco-Friendly, Efficient, and Affordable


What is an electric scooter?

E-scooters or electric scooters are a type of vehicle that is electrically powered and composed of wheels, handlebars for steering, and a deck or a platform. Other components include batteries, lights, brakes, a motor, a stem, a suspension, and a controller. These vehicles are primarily designed to be driven while the driver is standing on the deck.

Today, there is an increase in the number of users of electric scooters in the Philippines, as seen on the streets of urbanized cities and even small towns. The growing interest in purchasing and using scooters is because of their benefits, such as being eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable.


Eco-Friendly Benefits

The proliferation of vehicles is one major cause of ecological problems. To mitigate and gradually address this problem, some innovators have created eco-friendly vehicles like e-scooters. The following are some of the eco-friendly benefits of using e-scooters:

Lower carbon emissions than gas-powered cars: Compared to cars that produce a high level of carbon dioxide, e-scooters in the Philippines are electrically powered and do not need fuel to function. Hence, they don’t emit toxic substances like gases, sulfur, and carbon dioxide that can harm our environment.

Lower amounts of pollution in urban areas: Cities and urban areas are locations where a large number of people concentrate, lured by the promise of employment and a good life. This led to a large number of vehicles owned by these residents as well as public vehicles to cater to the daily commute. But today, some individuals are using e-scooters, which eliminate the use of their private vehicles, which emit harmful substances. In return, the amount of pollution in these populated places is lessened.

Lower noise pollution: Since e-scooters use electric motors that are quieter than the internal combustion engines of vehicles, the chances of creating loud noises while using them are lesser. Also, e-scooters have zero emissions at their tailpipe, which means exhaust noise is not possible.


Efficiency Benefits

The staggering number of vehicles on roads and highways has led to congestion or traffic, which is one of the major dilemmas in our country. To address this crisis, the government has been initiating projects that aim to improve our country’s public transportation. On the other hand, some people are doing their part by using e-scooters, which provide efficiency to their users and address traffic problems, especially in metropolitan areas. These efficiency benefits include:

Quick and easy transportation in urban areas: Users of e-scooters can easily bypass traffic due to their small size. Also, they can travel through alternate routes such as public spaces or foodpaths. In return, users can quickly go to their work or any other inner places of the city.

Time and cost savings: Individuals who use e-scooters do not need to wait in long lines for public transportation or get stuck on the road due to traffic. Hence, they can save more time for other important matters. At the same time, booking a fixed-fare on-demand service that can be costly during peak hours is avoided, allowing them to save money.

Flexibility and ease for commuting and quick trips: E-scooters are made to be flexible, which means they can be easily folded, stored, and taken anywhere. Furthermore, with their sizes, e-scooters allow their users to move easily inside an urban area and perform quick trips without the need to ride public transportation or book a car or motorcycle.


Affordable Benefits

E-scooters are not just designed to provide convenience and be eco-friendly. The price was also considered, so that various individuals could purchase it. But its cost-efficient trait does not end when you buy one. Here are some reasons why owning a scooter is budget-friendly:

Lower initial costs compared to motorbikes or vehicles: The price of an e-scooter is significantly less than that of those vehicles and motorbikes. By purchasing an e-scooter, you get to save money while having a vehicle that can help you travel and move around the metro.

Lower maintenance costs: With its simple structure, an e-scooter can be easily maintained. Owners just need to lubricate the moving parts, inspect the cables and brakes, maintain the tires, and charge the battery. This is compared to vehicles and motorcycles that entail numerous and costly maintenance services.

Cost savings on gas and parking fees: Since e-scooters are electrical devices, users would not need to spend on gas, especially since the price increases from time to time. Furthermore, its flexibility allows its user to fold the e-scooter and bring it inside a safe space like an office, which eliminates the act of paying for parking fees when you have a vehicle or motorcycle.


10 Useful Safety Tips to Remember When Riding an Electric Scooter

When you are deciding to purchase an e-scooter or have already purchased one, there are some things that you should always remember when riding it.

  1. Check your e-scooter parts before riding: Make sure before you travel using your e-scooter you have inspected its various parts, such as the tires to see if there are any damages or if they are air filled, the brake to check if it’s working, the lights to know if they are operational, and the battery level to find out if it’s enough to bring you to your destination.
  2. Wear a helmet and other protective equipment: Once done with the checking, never forget to wear your helmet and other protective accessories like gloves. This protective equipment lessens the risk of injuries and the impact of a collision if it happens.
  3. Follow traffic laws: When traveling on the road using an e-scooter, it is important to be fully informed and know how to follow various traffic laws. By doing so, you become safe when driving and can avoid getting into trouble with traffic enforcers.
  4. Use bike lanes: There are designated lanes for vehicles; if you are riding an e-scooter, bike lanes are where you should traverse. This lane is located next to the motor vehicle travel lanes and goes in the same direction as motor vehicle traffic.
  5. Keep your eyes and ears on the road: To avoid accidents and to reach your desired destination safely, your eyes and ears should be focused on the road. This is to effectively see and hear vehicles that are traveling with you or overtaking. Also, so that you can see the traffic lights, road signs, and people passing or crossing the streets.
  6. Take it easy when going downhill: When going downhill, reduce your speed and stop accelerating. By slowing down your speed, you can have better control of the e-scooter and avoid vehicles or people.
  7. Keep both hands on the handlebars: Despite your knowledge of driving e-scooters, you should never drive with one hand while the other hand is browsing the phone or holding something.
  8. Be extra careful in bad weather: The weather can change from time to time. Driving an e-scooter during rainy days is challenging as the streets are slippery and visibility is reduced. That is why you should slow down and be extra cautious. If you are inside an establishment, you can wait till the rain stops, or if you are traveling on the road, find a spot where you can stop for a while.
  9. Park safely: When you opt to park your e-scooter, choose a parking lot that is safe and filled with security guards. Also, lock the front wheel using a d-lock and keep the keyhole in a downward direction so that thieves have less space when they attempt to open it.
  10. Stay responsible: Nothing beats practicing responsibility while driving an e-scooter. This means that you avoid doing things on the road that can lead to accidents and strictly adhere to road laws and regulations.


If you are tired of waiting in long lines, getting stuck in traffic, and spending a lot of money on booking vehicles and motorcycles, it’s about time that you buy a ninebot scooter in the Philippines, as it provides a plethora of benefits.

Simply Moving Philippines is a trusted distributor of Segway electric scooters. If you want to know more, call 8400 1065 or 8253 9050 or visit https://simplymoving.com.ph.


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