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Segway SE 3 Patroller

Specially designed for police and security services is the Segway Patroller SE-3.

an ideal match for missions that require a large yet versatile vehicle, with a significant command presence, even in a parked position without a rider

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On a mission

This vehicle is intended for activities that require visibility and stability, such as safety maintenance in large pedestrian areas, shopping malls, airports and business parks.

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Segway Quality on Three Wheels

Enhance your patrols with the environmentally-friendly, versatile, durable SE-3 Patroller.

“Charge anywhere” technology lets you top off in the field

Reinvent Your Journey

Sturdy Multi-Terrain Tires

The SE-3 is equipped with sturdy multi-terrain tires and independent rear-wheel drive for enhanced terrain capability.

Integrated Lighting

Red/Blue or Amber Whelen® alert lights on all sides

Light up Your Way
Reinvent Your Journey

Unlimited Range

Stable platform optimized for your comfort “Charge anywhere” technology lets you top off in the field

Led Headlight

High-intensity light allows for continuous patrolling day or night

Light up Your Way

Segway SE-3 Patroller Photos

Segway SE 3 Patroller

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  • Integrated Lighting
  • Independent Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Elevated Presence
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