Safety is key when it comes to letting your child ride a hoverboard. They are as safe as riding a skateboard, which means that using personal protective gear is a good idea. But there are two challenges to getting the appropriate safety gear for your children. The first is finding the right gear that meets safety standards. The second is actually getting your child to wear the gear! Luckily when it comes to children’s helmets there are plenty of stylish, fun, and safe options for your kid.

This Segway Kids Helmet is composed of a and an to create lightweight, comfortable protection. The The excellent lets you enjoy all Segway products safely and comfortably.

Smaller the Size, Bigger the Safety

Wholesome Protection for All Scenarios




Excellent Shock Absorbance



Segway Kids Helmet’s one-piece molding process creates a uniform, compact helmet with superior ability to absorb and disperse impacts.





Sleek and Stylish





Breathable Structure





Customizable Spin Dial



Fits 19.69 – 21.65 inches head circumference.

Easy-to-use Adjustable Strap



Soft Fabric Liner Made for Comfort



Leveraging soft, breathable fabric that provide ultimate comfort even with long hours of wear. Liners are detachable and washable which make cleaning and maintaining easy.

  • Model: NB-410
  • Size: XS
  • Head Circumference: 19.69 – 21.65 (50-55cm)
  • Net Weight: 0.54 lbs (245 g)
  • Material: PC & EPS
  • Technology: Spider Web Airflow Channel System

Kids Helmet


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