Ninebot Gokart PRO: Upped The Game


The All-New Electric Gokart, Powered by Segway. Experience Go Karting Like Never Before.


The Ninebot Gokart PRO reaches new levels of performance after two years and more than 20,000 miles of racetrack testing, resulting in improved steering response and overall durability.


Max Speed: 37Kph

Self Balancing Unit Max Speed: 20Kph

Max Torque: 96Nm

Max Power Outout: 4800W

Max Range: 25Km

Max Payload: 100kg / 220Lbs

Battery Capacity: 432Wh

Font Light: Laser Green

Body Color: Metalic Gray

Hand Brake: Yes

Cooling System: Yes

TPE Drifting Rear Tires: Yes

Metal Pedal: Yes

Soft Steering Wheel: Yes

TPE Front and Side Protection: Yes

Rear Spoiler/Wing: Yes

Immersive Sounds Speaker: Yes

Drifting Assistant System: Yes

Ninebot GoKart Pro


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